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24 Pack Acrylic Paint set

24 Pack Acrylic Paint set

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Origin: Mainland China

Type: Acrylic Paints

Packaging: Set

Painting Medium: Canvas

Painting Medium: glass

Painting Medium: Paper

Painting Medium: Wood, Rocks and more

Item Volume: 22 ML/0.74 fl oz

Exterior Finish: Glossy finish

Are you ready to embark on a journey of artistic expression and creativity like never before? Our 24-Pack Acrylic Paint Set is designed to elevate your artistry and empower both budding and experienced artists to explore their imagination on canvas. With a stunning array of vibrant colors and a myriad of benefits, this acrylic paint set is a must-have for any contemporary artist.

Key Features:

  1. Rich and Vivid Colors: Our set boasts a diverse palette of 24 meticulously selected colors, including essential primaries, subtle pastels, and deep, intense hues. These acrylic paints offer brilliant pigmentation, allowing you to create stunning and vivid artworks.

  2. High-Quality Pigments: Crafted with the finest quality pigments, our acrylic paints offer excellent coverage and exceptional color clarity. Achieve stunning layering effects and seamless blending with ease.

  3. Versatility: Acrylic paints are renowned for their versatility. You can use them on various surfaces, including canvas, wood, paper, and even fabric. Explore a wide range of artistic techniques, from impasto to glazing, without limitation.

  4. Quick Drying: With a quick-drying formula, these acrylic paints enable you to work faster and add layers without long drying times. Say goodbye to waiting around and hello to your creative flow.

  5. Durability: Once dry, acrylic paints are known for their long-lasting and resilient qualities. Your artworks will remain vibrant and fade-resistant over time, ensuring your masterpieces endure for generations to come.

  6. User-Friendly: Our acrylic paint set is designed for artists of all skill levels, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The easy-to-squeeze tubes allow for precise color control, ensuring every stroke counts.

  7. Safe and Non-Toxic: We prioritize your safety and the environment. Our acrylic paints are non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for both studio and home use.

  8. Convenient Packaging: The 24 acrylic paint tubes are neatly packaged in a sturdy and portable carrying case. This ensures your paints stay organized and ready to use whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Benefits for Current Artists:

  1. Limitless Creativity: The extensive color range empowers artists to bring their visions to life with unmatched precision and variety.

  2. Efficiency: Quick drying times mean artists can work efficiently, whether they're creating multiple layers or intricate details.

  3. Professional Results: Achieve professional-grade results with pigments that remain true to color and texture, ensuring your artwork looks its best.

  4. Versatility: From acrylic pouring to traditional painting, this set opens up a world of possibilities, letting artists experiment with various techniques and styles.

  5. Portability: The compact carrying case allows artists to take their creativity on the go, ensuring that inspiration is never limited to the confines of the studio.

Our 24-Pack Acrylic Paint Set is not just a collection of colors; it's an invitation to explore your artistic potential and transform your visions into captivating works of art. Unleash your creativity today and experience the benefits that this exceptional acrylic paint set offers to artists like you. Your masterpiece is waiting to be created!

  • Exciting Selection of Artist-Quality Colors: Whether you're new to acrylic painting or a seasoned artist, colors like Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Blue & Crimson Red will set fire to your imagination.
  • Rich, Vivid Pigments: Your premium acrylic paint kit features smooth, highly pigmented color to produce true, consistent shades. Ideal for canvas painting, these colors won't fade over time.
  • Certified Safe & Non-Toxic: No need to worry about toxicity with our acrylic paints. They're ACMI-certified safe for your complete peace of mind. Great for creative adults, teens and kids.
  • Packed in a Sturdy Box: Great for keeping your acrylic paints always organized and accessible.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We want you to be thrilled with our acrylic paint supplies. If you're not satisfied, return them to us for a fast, no-hassle refund or product replacement.

    Designed and Created by Artists

    Here at Locsyuve, we care about our customers and we are passionate about creating products that inspire.

    What We Love About Our Locsyuve Iridescent Acrylic Paint

  • Ideal for all art lovers from beginner to professional.
  • Conforms to ASTM-D4236, ASTM-F963,LAHMA and EN71-3.Non-toxic and safe for kids.
  • It's time to get creative and have some fun with our color-changing paint. It can be used as a paint set for wood, paint for crafts, or as paint to customize toys for Christmas.
  • Acrylics dry very quickly. Paint stays on surface extremely well and is durable and long lasting. It's permanent, waterproof and fade-proof.
  • We're artists, designers, musicians, and creators.
  • For us, art is more than something we do – it's an expression of the human experience.
  • Whether it's a reflection of our happiness, our grief, our joy, our wonder, or our longing, art is the legacy we will leave behind to tell future generations who we were at this place in time.
  • That's why we believe it should be available to everyone. Because everybody is a part of what we are.
  • ♥️How we got our start?
    We believe in the artist with a vision of a world driven by creativity and self-expression. Through bold creativity and determination, Locsyuve will pioneer a path of opportunities for those who are hungry and needing a way to let out their inner voices freely.
    ♥️What makes our product unique?
    With this sense of purpose fueling it, Locsyuve was born to shake up and disrupt the status quo. Relentless in its pursuit of originality, freedom and a diversity of voices shaping our world and culture. Lifting others up and giving them the power to go forth and take creative action with their hands.
    ♥️Why we love what we do?
    The world of art is deeply rooted in exclusivity, but the act of making art is open to everyone. Everyone is an artist, and everyone should feel welcome to make and share their creations with the world. An authentic expression of one's truth. Optimistic, Real, Supportive.
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